Thursday, 12 August 2021

                                     POP UP THEATRE


On the 8th of August 2021 St Joseph's Players took part in the ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE POP UP THEATRE FESTIVAL  at the Spinners Mill in Leigh. 

 PAUL JAMESON and PAULINE NEVELL performed excerpts from John Godber's September in the Rain. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and along with others provided an afternoon of excellent entertainment.


St Joseph's Players 2021 Update

We may have lost a year due to Covid 19 but we are still here and

raring to get back to rehearsing more productions.  St Joseph's Hall is still closed as yet but we are hoping to hear in the very near future when the Halls will reopen.

        Meanwhile  we have have some great news. On the 31st of July the  ACTS SPOTLIGHT ON STAGE & OFF STAGE AWARDS CEREMONY was held at the Cresta Court Hotel,  St Joseph's Players received  11 Nominations and Awards for our Pantomime DICK WHITTINGTON. Listed below:

Pantomime Sunbeams (Children),  Excellence in Dance, CALLAN TENNANT& JENNEL USWORTH,   Wardrobe, ST Joseph's Players, WARDROBE TEAM,  Accomplished Lighting Design, JACK WESBY, Accomplished  Musical Accompanist (Band) STUART PEACOCK,


 Accomplished  Supporting Actress's,  KAREN JONES & ZOE UNSWORTH. Accomplished Principal Actress.  CLARE NASH,   Scenic Design, HELEN LOYND  Accomplished Skin Part (Tom the Cat)